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于上海音乐学院学习音乐科技与电子音乐,分别于2008年与2012年获得学士、硕士学位,2018年毕业于柏林艺术大学音响导演专业,获得硕士学位,主攻方向为古典音乐制作,跟随获得多次格莱美奖及提名的Rainer Maillard Wolfgang LoosThorsten WeigeltRené Möller等制作学习与工作。

 作为国际音频工程师协会(AES)与德国录音师协会(VDT)的会员,在2017年第142届国际音频协会录音比赛中获得现代工作室录音与电子音乐组别的金奖。制作方面,在独奏、德奥艺术歌曲、室内乐、管弦乐、歌剧等方面积累了丰富经验。参与过诸多乐家,如钢琴家Elisabeth LeonskajaIgnaz LisieckiYounee,歌唱家Elisabeth StützerFriedrich LichtensteinSarah Stephanie等专辑或单曲的制作工作, 以及与柏林国家教堂合唱团、柏林国家歌剧院、德意志歌剧院、柏林钢琴打击乐团、勃兰登堡交响乐团、马格德堡交响乐团、富特兰爱乐乐团、梅泽堡宫廷管弦乐团、柏林艺术大学交响乐团、中国交响乐团、北京当代乐团、苏州昆剧院等均有合作。此外,还参与了与黛特莫尔德音乐学院、苏黎世艺术学院、巴黎国立高等音乐与舞蹈学院的学术交流活动。


Zhang Yuan studied music technology and electronic music at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music and received bachelor's and master's degrees in 2008 and 2012 respectively.In 2018 he earned a Master Degree in Tonmeister (sound engineering) from Berlin University of the Arts with a focus on classical music production. He has worked and studied with Grammy Award recipients and nominees such as Rainer Maillard, Wolfgang Loos, Thorsten Weigelt, René Möller, and many other prominent producers in the industry.

As a member of the Audio Engineering Society(AES) and the German Sound Engineer Association (Verband Deutscher Tonmeister), Zhang won a gold award in the category of "Modern Studio Recording and Electronic Music" at the 142nd AES recording competition in 2017. In terms of production, he has gathered rich experiences in solo instruments, German Lieder, chamber music, orchestra music and operas. He has participated in the production of albums or singles such as pianists Elisabeth Leonskaja, Ignaz Lisiecki, Younee, singers Elisabeth Stützer, Friedrich Lichtenstein, Sarah Stephanie, as well as with the Staats- and Domchor Berlin, the Deutsche Oper Berlin, the Berlin Piano Percussion Ensemble, the Brandenburg Symphony Orchestra, the Magdeburg Symphony Orchestra, the Vogtland Philharmonie, the Merseburg Hofmusik Orchestra, the Berlin University of the Arts Symphony OrchestraChina National Symphony Orchestra, Beijing Contemporary Solists, Suzhou Kun Opera Troupe and many others. In addition, he also participated in academic exchange activities with the Detmold conservatory of Music, the Zurich University of the Arts, and the Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de Paris.

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