Monday, October 18, 2010

Green SoCal Headlines: Crenshaw Light Rail Project Gets Funding

L.A.’s 30/10 Plan Advances Suddenly with a $546 Million Loan for the Crenshaw Light Rail Project
Summary: Federal commitment will move project forward, increasing prospects for Mayor Villaraigosa’s massive 30/10 transit plan. This could be a model for other cities, though the availability of more financing is unclear.

UCSD snags climate award
Summary: University of California San Diego officials won a national award for their ambitious plan to cut carbon emissions, trim water use and reduce waste during the next 10-15 years.

California Tops ACEEE State Rankings for a Fourth Year
Summary: California again leads the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy's annual list of the states that do the most to advance energy efficiency, but Massachusetts is closing in on the Golden State and its four-year claim to the top spot.

California braced for Big Oil pushback
Summary: Defenders of California's global warming law are bracing for a last-minute spending blitz from oil companies determined to nix one of the state's premier green crusades come Election Day. But the big money may not come.

Stepping Up Against Prop 23: James Cameron
Summary: Up to now, Hollywood's contribution to the No on 23 campaign, fighting a rollback in California's global warming law, has been scant. But director James Cameron chipped in $1 million on Friday.

He puts parking in its place
Summary: UCLA professor Donald Shoup, hailed as the 'prophet of parking,' believes free or inexpensive space for cars is at the root of many an urban ill: congestion, sprawl, wasteful energy use, air pollution.

IKEA, McDonald’s Add Solar Panels in CA
Summary: Bolstering California’s credibility as a leading state in solar power, IKEA has plans to install solar energy panels on eight of its California locations, while McDonald’s has installed solar panels at its restaurant in Riverside as part of its quest for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

EPA's "environmental justice" tour comes to California
Summary: Environmental justice, a movement to focus attention on pollution in low-income communities, is a burning cause for Lisa Jackson, the first African American to head the U.S. Environmental Protection agency. Over the last several months, Jackson has toured poor white, black and Latino communities with a message: Eco-issues aren't just for rich folks.

Environmental Media Association Awards Honor Green Hollywood
Summary: When it comes to "green" in Hollywood these days, it's not just about cash. Actors, producers, directors, and other industry folk are interested in furthering efforts to improve the environment, and work to make their productions, from content to practice, more eco-friendly.

Solar Hero Dr. Hermann Scheer Dies
Summary: Hermann Scheer was able to see beyond the energy status quo and envisage a different energy future. A Social Democrat member of the German parliament since 1980, Scheer was instrumental in introducing Germany’s solar roof programmes and Renewable Energy Law (which included the feed-in tariff).

Big Oil goes to college: a conflict of interest?
Summary: Have hundreds of millions of dollars in grants from major oil companies compromised the ethics of energy research at such institutions as UC Berkeley, UC Davis and Stanford?

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