Monday, September 27, 2010

Green SoCal News Roundup: The Greening of Chicago

Chicago takes the LEED in eco building
Summary: Chicago has the highest number of LEED-certified buildings in the United States, the highest square footage of green rooftops, and a longstanding commitment to green building.

World's largest solar plant wins key approval
Summary: The world's largest solar power plant cleared an important hurdle on Wednesday, laying the groundwork for a dramatic expansion in solar energy generation in the United States and around the world.

Local agencies can't limit train emissions, court rules
Summary: U.S. 9th Circuit panel says Southern California air quality board can't impose restrictions that could interfere with interstate commerce.

Japan Offers California Loan for $40 Billion High-Speed Train
Summary: California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger rode one of Japan’s fastest trains today after the nation’s transport minister offered loans to support the state’s more than $40 billion high-speed rail project.

Fighting Prop. 23 one phone call at a time
Summary: An activist with the Communities for a Better Environment takes on Big Oil over delaying the state's global warming law.

California Grid Can Handle 20% Renewables - ISO Study
Summary: California's electric grid is capable of integrating a 20% renewable energy portfolio standard (RPS) by 2012, according to a study released by the California Independent System Operator Corporation (ISO).

California wants 1 million electric vehicles on roads by 2020
Summary: California wants 1 million battery electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles on the Golden State's roadways in a decade.

California Adopts Ambitious Renewable Energy Target
Summary: California regulators approved a rule that would require the state’s utilities to get a third of their power from solar, wind or other renewable sources by 2020, the most ambitious standard in the U.S., Bloomberg News reports.

Fight over bid to suspend California's global warming law gets ugly
Summary: The fight over Proposition 23, a November ballot initiative to suspend California's global warming law, turned ugly this week, with personal attacks and emotionally charged rhetoric on both sides.

Fight to Derail AB32 Could Spill Into Courts – Outside California
Summary: This emerging threat being launched from across the Rockies (funding for Prop 23 is flowing from Texas and Kansas, via Koch Industries) will only embolden efforts to fight Prop 23, which are getting organized all across the state.

Bike Movement Grows in LA, Beyond
Summary: Cyclists thrive where autos rule: Los Angeles, where smog and freeway
have hitherto defined a lifestyle. Ingrid Lobet reports for Living on
Earth/Public Radio International, with photos by Gary Cavanagh.

Fresh & Easy Opens First Store with CO2 Refrigeration
Summary: Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market has opened its first grocery store in Southern California to use naturally-occurring carbon-dioxide (CO2) refrigeration. The store, located in Rosemead, also is the grocery store chain’s first to be certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s GreenChill Partnership.

California bags the plastic bag ban but makes solar leap
Summary: On Thursday, the California Public Utilities Commission signed off on 650 megawatts of new solar energy contracts and programs.

Initiative to suspend state climate law gets $1 million
Summary: An oil company headed by conservative billionaires David and Charles Koch has contributed $1 million to the campaign to suspend the state's landmark climate change law.

Supervisors ban foam food containers at most L.A. County facilities
Summary: The products — which can last 100 years and often end up in storm drains, killing birds and marine mammals — will be banned at county hospitals, golf courses and concessions. Jails will probably be exempt.

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