Thursday, September 2, 2010

Green SoCal Headlines: September 3, 2010

California Rolls Out Zero Net Energy Plan for Buildings (Environmental Leader)
Summary: The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), along with stakeholders, has released the state’s Zero Net Energy (ZNE) Action Plan for Buildings. The roadmap provides an action plan to shift the state’s 5 billion square feet of commercial property space from the biggest energy consumers in the state to “net zero” energy users, through greater energy efficiency and on-site clean energy generation by 2030.

Schwarzenegger Vows to Revive Renewable Energy Bill (Environmental Leader)
Summary: California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said Wednesday that he would work to help push through an ambitious renewable-energy bill that the state legislature failed to pass before a midnight deadline on Tuesday.

California Rejects Ban on Plastic Shopping Bags (Environmental Leader)
Summary: California lawmakers have rejected a bill that would have been the first statewide ban on plastic shopping bags in the nation, USA Today reports.

Environmentalists stunned by failures of key measures in Legislature (L.A. Times)
Summary: Environmentalists were counting on big gains in Sacramento this summer, with a governor eager to burnish his green credentials in his final months in office. But by the time the legislative session ended at midnight Tuesday, those hopes had fizzled.

New Report Touts Benefits of HSR for Southern California (High Speed Rail News)
Summary: A new report from the Center for Urban Infrastructure claims HSR will contribute a regional income benefit of $701 million to southern California workers who otherwise would have been unemployed.

California’s smart meter fears (Grist)
Summary: No one said transforming the century-old power system into a state of-the-art digital smart grid was going to be easy. But California already is getting bogged down in a growing fight over installing smart utility meters in homes.

Under fire from industry, scientific panel is 'gutted' (California Watch)
Summary: Five out of nine members of a scientific panel that advises the state on toxic chemicals have been fired in recent weeks, following disputes with the chemical industry and a conservative group that targets environmental laws.

State: Fine particles kill 9,200 a year (O.C. Register)
Summary: Fine particle pollution causes 9,200 premature deaths every year in California, the state Air Resources Board says — a finding that the agency believes bolsters its push to reduce diesel emissions.

Supermarket Installs 400-kW Fuel Cell (Environmental Leader)
Summary: A new Albertsons supermarket will be one of the first in California to generate nearly 90 percent of its electricity requirements with an on-site 400-kilowatt fuel cell. The project is estimated to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 478 metric tons each year compared to California’s non-baseload power plants.

Foothill Transit Adds All-Electric Buses to Fleet (Environmental Leader)
Summary: Foothill Transit, a public transport provider that operates bus services in Southern San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys, in California, will soon be adding a fleet of all-electric, zero-emission buses and related fast-charging stations to its existing bus fleet and transit routes.

Beach coalition hopes to control Labor Day littering (S.D. Union-Tribune)
Summary: A flood of beach visitors over Labor Day weekend will likely mean huge volumes of trash at San Diego-area beaches.

$600K will help revive San Diego wetland habitat (S.D. Union-Tribune)
Summary: New state funding will help restore receded wetlands in south San Diego Bay, an ambitious effort to help fish and wildlife displaced by farming and development.

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