Monday, August 30, 2010

Green SoCal Headlines: August 30, 2010

California Businesses Join Forces to Create Clean Energy Alliance (Environmental Leader)
Summary: In the wake of out-of-state oil companies spending millions of dollars to oppose California’s AB32 climate law, an alliance of California businesses as well as labor, environmental and community leaders have partnered to create the California Apollo Program, which provides a strategy on how the state can continue to create clean energy jobs through a number of initiatives ranging from renewable energy use to retrofitting buildings for energy efficiency.

Big California solar energy push moves forward (San Francisco Chronicle)
Summary: California's long-awaited boom in solar power plant construction took a major step forward Wednesday when state regulators approved the first in a string of projects that will soon blanket thousands of acres of desert with mirrors harnessing the energy of the sun.

California to Launch Next-Generation Feed-in Tariff for Solar Energy (BusinessWire)
Summary: The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) issued a proposed decision to launch a new renewable incentive program designed to drive mid-sized renewable energy development.

Health testing way down at California beaches (LA Times)
Summary: The monitoring is at its lowest level since becoming law more than a decade ago, putting swimmers, surfers and divers at greater risk of exposure to contaminated water, a Times investigation shows.

Southern California Warned to Prepare Now for Major Earthquake (Environment News Service)
Summary: A major earthquake on the San Andreas fault northwest of Los Angeles is likely to happen "soon" warn scientists who have charted quakes there dating back 700 years.

AT&T Activates First of Six Solar Power Installations Planned for California (Environmental Leader)
Summary: AT&T has activated a 296-kW rooftop solar power installation at its Trade Street site in San Diego, which will generate an estimated 420,000 kWh of energy in its first year of operation.

LA residents rally for transit, jobs and an economic boost for region (Transportation for America)
Summary: Thousands rallied at the Los Angeles City Hall in support of the jobs that could be created by a visionary program to fast track a slate of planned public transportation projects — if the federal government will do what’s necessary to help a metro area that’s helping itself.

Rail authority stands by its ridership projections (Silicon Valley Mercury News)
Summary: the California High-Speed Rail Authority released a revised environmental study Friday night that stands by its ridership projections, despite a contention from project opponents that the numbers are inflated.

Judge won’t reopen bullet train lawsuit (San Francisco Business Times)
Summary: A Sacramento judge likely will deny a request by Atherton and Menlo Park to reopen a lawsuit that would have bullet train planners reexamine whether to route trains through the East Bay rather than the Peninsula.

Ban on sewage dumping along California coast to get federal teeth (Silicon Valley Mercury News)
Summary: Cruise ships and large commercial ships will be banned from dumping any kind of sewage -- even highly filtered wastewater -- along California's coast out to three miles from shore, under new rules from the Obama administration.

MTA and its beleaguered Transit Access Pass system (LA Times)
Summary: "Smart. Simple. Secure." That's the slogan the Metropolitan Transportation Authority has adopted for its new Transit Access Pass system, but at this stage of its development, a more apt description would be "Dumb. Complicated. Insecure."

CODA Holdings Names Former General Electric Executive Mark Jamieson Chief Financial Officer (CODA Website)
Summary: CODA Holdings, a California-based technology company whose advanced battery system will power its soon-to-be-released CODA Sedan and be marketed for other transportation and utility-related applications, has hired former General Electric (GE) and HD Supply executive Mark Jamieson as Chief Financial Officer. Mark will manage CODA's finance, human resources, information technology and recruiting functions.

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