Monday, August 23, 2010

Green SoCal Headlines: August 23, 2010

Picture courtesy of Metro's The Source website
Pressing forward on the 30/10 Initiative (The Source)
Summary: Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer co-hosted a ’roundtable’ discussion on the 30/10 Initiative this afternoon at City Hall in downtown L.A.

L.A. Mayor's Bike Summit Recap (L.A. Streetsblog)
Summary: On Monday, August 16th, Mayor Villaraigosa held what turned out to be a very successful Bike Summit. The Metro Board Room was filled to capacity, and more than 100 cyclists had the opportunity to ask the Mayor and other City staff questions, raise important concerns and make suggestions on how to make LA more bike friendly.

Calif. Desert on Pace to Become World's Solar Capital (NY Times)
Summary: Southern California is poised to become the world's solar power capital as the Obama administration continues to stamp its approval on large-scale renewable energy projects across the Mojave and Colorado deserts.

Hollywood Greens Up With Environmental Database (Planet Ark)
Summary: The Producers Guild of America on Wednesday unveiled -- a database of environmentally-friendly products and services from vendors across the United States.

CARB Report Sets Goals for Sustainable Communities (Environmental Leader)
Summary: The California Air Resources Board released a draft report on Monday that proposes ambitious targets for land use and transportation planning in 2020 and 2035 to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with passenger vehicle travel.

Mapping the Shape of California's Green Economy (Green Biz)
Summary: Long considered to be a green business hub, California boasts more than 3,500 green companies and workplaces in every major metropolitan area.

America's 100 Greenest Schools (Sierra Club Magazine)
Summary: UC Irvine at No. 6; UC San Diego at No. 15; Pomona at No. 23; UCLA at No. 27

California is new front line of BPA fight (Grist)
Summary: A bill authored by Democratic state Sen. Fran Pavley would essentially ban BPA in products such as baby bottles, sippy cups, infant formula and baby food jars designed for children ages three and younger. The bill recently passed the Senate but faces stiff opposition in the Assembly by the chemical and infant formula industries.

Texas oil vs. California clean tech: the battle over Proposition 23 (Grist)
Summary: Proposition 23, an initiative that would suspend Assembly Bill 32 (AB 32), the state's landmark global warming law, provides the first ballot box test for climate change legislation -- and for the prospects of reviving a national cap-and-trade bill.

Boxer attacks Fiorina's pro-oil drilling stance in Santa Barbara (LA Times)
Summary: With images of the Gulf Coast oil spill still fresh in voters' minds, Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer campaigned in Santa Barbara on Wednesday, arguing that Carly Fiorina's support for additional oil drilling off California's coast could threaten the jobs of nearly 400,000 workers whose livelihoods depend on the coastal economy.

Mojave Desert Solar Project One Step Closer to Powering 20,000 Homes (Environmental Leader)
Summary: Chevron Energy Solutions’ proposed 45-megawatt solar photovoltaic (PV) plant on 516 acres of federal land managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) moved one step closer to being build after clearing its final environmental review by BLM. The solar complex is expected to generate enough electricity to supply 20,000 California homes with power.

Guffaws for Green (Wilshire & Washington)
Summary: When the environmental org Heal the Bay was looking to make a splash to push California lawmakers on a proposed ban on plastic shopping bags, it chose not to pluck a celebrity for a standard public service announcement but to create a four-minute “mockumentary” narrated by Jeremy Irons.

Kangaroo rat in San Diego County remains endangered (S.D. Union-Tribune)
Summary: A tiny creature blamed for slowing development in Southern California still needs protections under the Endangered Species Act, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has ruled.

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