Monday, July 12, 2010

Sinai Temple Goes Green

The fight against climate change is not a political issue to be debated between the right and the left. It is a moral and religious issue about what type of planet we are going to leave future generations. That is why I was encouraged to see a large religious institution like Sinai Temple -- a conservative synagogue in West L.A. -- go green.

The synagogue with Newsweek's number one pulpit rabbi in America -- David Wolpe -- has set up a Green Committee. Here is the mission statement: "It is the mission of the Green Committee of Sinai Temple to research, develop and institute positive environmental initiatives for Sinai Temple and to educate and promote these programs within Sinai Temple and to its congregants."

At the popular Friday Night Live shabbat service for young professionals I noticed that Sinai has installed waterfree urinals in all their bathrooms to reduce their carbon footprint. Kudos to Sinai Temple for going green!

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