Monday, July 5, 2010

How To Report Leaf Blower Pollution

Leaf blowers are dangerous.

They endanger our health by kicking up all kinds of particulate matter into the air. Plus they are incredibly noisy. For those reasons Los Angeles has banned polluting gas blowers within 500 feet of a residence.

The bottom line is that the health risks to gardeners and the general public far outweigh any benefits. There is nothing leaf blowers can do that an old-fashioned rake and broom can't take care of.

Just this morning I witnessed a landscaper with a leaf blower literally blowing leaves and dirt from one end of the sidewalk to the other. This wasteful activity of simply redistributing leaves, dirt and grass from one property to another needs to end.

Te report an illegal leaf blowing in progress call 213-485-3711. For more information watch this educational video from the organization Zero Air Pollution Los Angeles:

Leaf Blower Pollution from Zero Air Pollution, LA on Vimeo.

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