Monday, June 7, 2010

SoRo Goes Green

Today I biked from my apartment in the Miracle Mile to my cousin's home in the South Robertson neighborhood of Los Angeles, otherwise known as SoRo. I wasn't aware that the 13th annual South Robertson Community Festival was taking place so I ventured to take a look. What set this street fair apart in my view was the number of green-centered booths in this neighborhood of mostly Modern Orthodox Jewish families.

The South Robertson Neighborhood Council was there promoting the great work they do in the community, including organized walks every evening at 7 for residents to get out of their homes and cars and get to know their neighbors.

SORO NC was also out encouraging residents to go green with their "Green Team" booth. In addition to educating attendees about green living, they provided a cell phone recycling bin.

Metro was at the festival promoting public transportation options in Los Angeles. The most useful pamphlet for SoRo residents was for the Expo Light Rail Line. Phase One from downtown L.A. to Culver City is almost finished and the Venice/Robertson stop -- the terminus in Culver City -- will be a convenient option for the SoRo community. When the Expo Line opens soon, SoRo residents won't have to take the 10 freeway downtown because the train will run parallel to the 10. Phase Two has been approved and will eventually extend the Expo line from Culver City to Santa Monica.

Blue Gold for Life Water Treatment Systems was at the festival educating people about water conservation and promoting their eco-friendly products, including a filtrated water bottle for hiking, camping and mountain biking, and a whole water conditioning system for city and well water.

Other local green businesses at the event included solar panel installation company ADR Electric and enviro-friendly print alternative Green Earth Print & Design.

Environmental activist groups were also present, including the organization Food & Water Watch. They advocate to protect food, fish and water from chemicals, bacteria and hormones. Their current campaign is to "Flush the Water Bond!" by opposing the $11.1 billion water bond on the November ballot. They claim the bond is ripe with special-interest projects at the expense of the taxpayer and the environment.

The local Sierra Club chapter was represented with information about their "Zero Waste" campaign to encourage Angelenos to recycle, reduce and reuse.

And Greenpeace was advocating for Congress to act on securing chemical plants across the U.S. to prevent harm to population centers and the environment. Their fact sheet claims that 344 facilities put 10,000 or more Californians at risk if there is an accident or terrorist attack.

There were more green booths at the event I didn't get a chance to stop at. If every neighborhood council was as green as SoRo then it would potentially transform the entire city of Los Angeles into a more sustainable place.

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  1. John- Thanks so much for coming out to the 13th Annual SoRo Community Festival! We so appreciate your rave review. Save the date for next year's SoRo Festival, Sunday, June 5, 2011.


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