Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Green News Headlines: Thursday, June 24


The Jewish Journal of Los Angeles recently published two pro-public transit opinion pieces urging L.A.'s large Jewish community to support the 30/10 Initiative for better and bigger mass transit in the Los Angeles region. It is encouraging to see the major newspaper of record for the Jewish community publish these two stories. One of the pieces urges synagogues to set up public transportation committees and give public transit directions to worshippers. What a great idea!


'Care for Our Coast' campaign raises $566,000 (S.D. Union-Tribune)
A campaign to improve beaches in San Diego County has raised $566,000. "Care for Our Coast" will spend the money on dune restoration, cleanup projects and recycling efforts at Bolsa Chica, Carlsbad, Huntington, Malibu Lagoon and San Onofre state beaches.

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