Wednesday, June 30, 2010

BP Loves This Vehicle

One day hopefully soon this Hummer H1 will only be seen behind glass at the Peterson Automotive Museum where its 12 miles per gallon highway and 10 mpg city can do no damage to the environment and people's health. 

But for now this "patriot" from Arizona (and a Sheriff no less!) is driving around British Petroleum and Al Qaeda's favorite oil-sucking American vehicle.

It is hard to believe in 2010 with all that has happened in terms of global instability due to our dependence on foreign oil and the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history in the Gulf Coast that someone would not only drive around a vehicle with not one but two gas tanks, an American flag sticker on the side and a red, white and blue license plate with the words "freedom" on it. And to add insult to injury the driver is a member of law enforcement!

I suppose the owner of this vehicle has a very different interpretation of what the word "freedom" and "patriot" means. To me it means driving less and when we absolutely must drive to use smaller, more fuel efficient cars, hybrids and soon electric cars because the most patriotic act we as Americans can do is reduce our personal dependence on dirty coal and oil.

I guess the Hummer owner hasn't gotten the message yet.

Here are more pictures of this soon-to-be relic of a bygone era.

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