Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Linkage: Green Chinese Company Is California Dreamin'

On Friday BYD Inc. of Shenzhen, China, a maker of electric and hybrid cars and other renewable energy technologies, announced it was opening a North American headquarters in Los Angeles.

BYD stands for Build Your Dream. U.S. billionaire Warren Buffett bought a 10% stake in the company in 2008. The decision is expected to immediately create up to 150 jobs.

“California’s market-friendly energy and environmental policies are playing a vital role not only in making California more energy secure but also in bringing companies like BYD to our state,” said Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. “Like California, BYD is a company of firsts. They are leading China and the rest of the world into a cleaner, more sustainable future with their automobiles and renewable energy products while creating jobs and saving consumers money. I welcome BYD with open arms and look forward to growing California’s relationship with China to mutually benefit the environment and economy.”

China carmaker puts North American headquarters in L.A. (Associated Press)

Governor Schwarzenegger Announces Chinese Car Manufacturer to Locate North American Headquarters in California (Press Release with video)

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