Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Linkage: How to Treat a Bus Driver

The video below almost brought tears to my eyes. It is just so sincere and heartfelt. A bus driver in Copenhagen gets a surprise birthday celebration on a hidden camera. It makes me think how we take for granted the hard-working bus drivers, train controllers and airline pilots who keep us safe each and every day.

And it isn't easy being a bus driver in a city like Los Angeles. There are potholes, pedestrians and Porsches to dodge; and cranky and crazy customers at every stop. We should all thank our local bus driver next time we board. And even if we don't take the bus, we should still be thankful for all of the people working hard to keep L.A. and every other city moving.

Thanks to Metro's The Source blog for directing me to this link.

Mukhtar's Birthday (

Local linkage:

It's National Bike to Work Week so everyone -- bikers and motorists -- could use a refresher on sharing the road. Thousands of bicyclists are injured or killed every year because of careless and avoidable mistakes by both bikers and drivers. Even tonight I was bicycling home from work at midnight along Wilshire Boulevard and a driver in a hurry to get to the grocery store and not paying attention, almost hit me when he was making a right turn onto Wilshire while I was biking across the intersection. Of course we all know who wins that battle -- my 168 pound body and bike vs. his 4,000 pound Ford Taurus.

So please be careful out there. Bikers and drivers all need to be defensive and pay attention. The video below demonstrates some of the most important safety tips about sharing the road.

Safe travels to all.

California DMV share the road video (

At tiniest levels, drugs in O.C.'s water (OC Register)

State approves big chunk of funding for train safety system for Metrolink (The Source)

Recycle your cycles in National Bike Month (LB Press-Telegram)

Riding a bike in Los Angeles (Tucson Velo)

National and International Linkage:

National Academy of Sciences urges strong action to cut greenhouse gases (LA Times)

U.S. Could Lose 250,000 Manufacturing Jobs Without Comprehensive Clean Energy & Climate Legislation (Environmental News Network)

Robert Redford Presses President Obama on Climate Bill (Wilshire & Washington)

MIT Researchers Print a Solar Cell on Paper (Alternative Energy)

Fighting to keep the Jordan River alive (Israel21c)

Satire from The Onion:

 If We Don't Stop Childhood Obesity, Our Fat Toddlers Could Become Fat Fucks

EPA: Stubborn Environment Refusing to Meet Civilization Halfway

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