Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Linkage: Bike to Work Week

A celebration of bicycles is going on this week across the country. Here in Los Angeles there are a bunch of events culminating in this Thursday's Bike to Work Day and Friday's Bike to School Day. Click here for a list of events in your area.

I hope this week more Southern Californians give biking for fun or commuting a try. I started bike commuting to work two years ago and love it. Not only do I reduce my carbon footprint by not burning gas, but I save money by not buying fuel. In addition to the environmental and financial benefits of biking, there are the health benefits. I get exercise every day by biking to work and back, and I save myself the stress of driving. Also, when you are biking you are more aware of the people, architecture, neighborhoods and mom-and-pop shops that make up Los Angeles. When you are racing by in your car you miss out on so much of this great city.

And bicycling L.A. is going to get even better and safer once the Bike Plan is implemented. The city is going to place sharrows, bike lanes, signage and other bike-friendly features across the city. Click here for more information on the Los Angeles Bicycle Plan.

Bike Commuting Tips (Bicycling.com)

Bike Ban on Rush Hour Trains Lifted by Metro (L.A. Curbed)

On the market: Homes near bike paths (L.A. Times)

Child Obesity and Biking: A Graphic Link (Infrastructurist)

More local linkage:

Waxman seeks to have Westside Subway Extension project evaluated by the feds all at once (The Source)

Walking in L.A.: An Introduction (Good)

Fixing public transportation in L.A. requires both a carrot and a stick (L.A. Times)

Scripps battles one of its own on climate change (S.D. Union-Tribune)

California approves final energy block grants for small cities and counties (EnergyPortal.eu)

National and International Linkage:

John Kerry: Introducing the American Power Act: On strategy and substance (Grist)

James Oberstar stymied on transit bill (Politico)

Obama to create BP commission (Politico)

Feds push solar solution to coal addiction (Grist)

Coal Emissions from U.S. Could Stop in 20 Years (Alternative Energy)

Bladeless Wind Turbine -- Inspired by Nikola Tesla (Alternative Energy)

Building an Agricultural Community: The Model Self-Sufficient Village in Haiti (Huffington Post)

Robert Reich: BP Stands for Bad Petroleum (Huffington Post)

Redesigning the Bus Stop (FastCompany.com)


Awareness Film Festival
May 20-23
Regent Showcase Theatre
614 N. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles

2nd Annual Green Long Beach! Festival
Saturday, May 22
East Village Arts District

Silver Lake Jubilee
Saturday, May 22
170 Myra Ave.

Amgen Tour of California Bike Race
Saturday, May 22
downtown L.A.

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