Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Green SoCal Soapbox: How Do You Like 'Drill Baby Drill' Now?

Remember at the Republican Convention when chants of "Drill Baby Drill" were louder than a Minnesota Vikings football game?

And remember recently when President Obama boldly stated his support for offshore drilling?

Well, in light of the environmental catastrophe taking place right now on the Gulf Coast, the GOP and the president both look foolish. But unlike the Grand "Oil" Party, Mr. Obama has a chance to redeem himself by calling off his plans for more offshore drilling, just as California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger did after the Louisiana oil spill.

In an encouraging sign that this administration may reverse course, the first offshore wind farm was approved off the coast of Massachusetts. Cape Wind plans to put 130 turbines along the Nantucket Sound. The turbines will rise at least 400 feet above sea level and provide enough energy to power 200,000 homes.

This is pure, clean, homegrown energy that won't ever cause the kind of devastation we are seeing right now thanks to British Petroleum.

It will be a great day when all our offshore oil rigs are replaced by offshore wind farms.

No Recycling at Starbucks and Coffee Bean 

You would think two "progressive" companies like Starbucks and The Coffee Bean would have some sort of recycling program right? Wrong. 

Experience Number One at Starbucks: I had finished my Naked juice and wanted to recycle the plastic bottle so I asked the barista where the recycling can was. At first he looked blankly at me as he probably never had a customer ask him about recycling. He then made a snide remark that went something like, "This is L.A. buddy, go to Seattle if you want to recycle." Huh? Isn't Starbucks based in Seattle?

Experience Number Two at Coffee Bean: I again had finished my Naked juice and asked the barista where I could recycle the plastic bottle. After giving me a blank look for a good ten seconds she finally collected her thoughts and suggested I place my plastic bottle in a residential recyling bin on some side street. Huh?

It is good business practice and good publicity to be green and have some sort of recycling program, which is why it is so shocking that these two large coffee chains don't have a recycling option at all their retail locations.

Fortunately Starbucks is making an attempt to start recycling and reducing waste. Click here for their website with more information.

There is nothing about recycling on the Coffee Bean website. Click here to demand that Coffee Bean offers customers the opportunity to recycle in their stores.

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