Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday Linkage

Los Angeles will be getting $30 million for retrofitting.

Obama and Schwarzenegger want more offshore drilling in California. Maybe not such a good idea?
Oil rig explodes off Louisiana coast; 11 missing (Associated Press)

Metro board votes tomorrow on the 30/10 Plan, but regionalism and the highway lobby could get in the way. I hope not. L.A. desperately needs more mass transit, not more highway projects.

Cool interactive animation website from the Department of Energy for Earth Day with tips on how to save money and protect the environment.
Earth Day Animation 2010 (U.S. Department of Energy)

Taxis are one way to get Angelenos out of their cars so it is good news that the Hail-a-Taxi pilot program may become permanent. One more step towards L.A. becoming the NYC of the West.

Motorcycles and electric scooters are one way to get around Southern California with a smaller carbon footprint. But how dangerous is the practice of "splitting lanes" and should it be legal? Infrastructurist takes a look.

On Wednesday, May 12 L.A. Metro will be holding a day-long symposium on pedestrian-related issues called "Walking into the Future City."

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